Conversation Catalyst

Donna designs dynamic peer-to-peer digital forums that customers rave about.

Through these exchanges, she’s helping organizations learn what’s top-of-mind for customers now and where they’re heading next.

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Focus Group Host

Relying on surveys to capture Voice-of-Customer insights won’t cut it in today’s change-charged world. To compete today, you’ll need a stronger listening channel and I can help.

Designing collaborative focus groups is my specialty. Whether live or digital, I’ll tee up hot topics that get your customers talking. More importantly, I’ll capture richer intelligence to help you learn more about what they’re thinking now and where they’re heading tomorrow.

Harnessing the Power of Video

Video is the fastest growing channel of all. Are you capitalizing on this explosive growth?

See the video at the right? Whenever I share a video like this on LinkedIn, my profile views quadruple – sometimes they run even higher and this activity is landing me new clients, too.

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